My current work is an extension of my architecture and printmaking foundation. For me, they are directly connected. I work with a variety of media, but prefer the unconventional including, lead, beeswax, and ostrich eggs. But regardless of raw materials, I tend to place an emphasis on line quality, layers and abstract compositions. Like all of my myriad design work, I employ an intuitive process. One that avoids preconceived notions and allows broader discovery.

Last winter my work was featured in a two-month show at bang!. With measured expectation, the show was received very favorably and I was able to sell a half dozen pieces. I recently completed a series of bed designs, including a child’s bed that has been prototyped and awaits production. My daughter is sleeping in the original. I continue to develop both modern and innovative lighting and furniture designs, with a goal of mass production and maybe even an income.